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 LADYBIRD D.I.Y Products

Bedbug Detection System (BDS)


  • Ideal tool for bedbug inspection

  • Provides early detection for bedbug infestation to carry out treatment

  • Monitor bedbug population in post chemical treatment

  • Small and flexible in placement for suspicious or potential bedbug harbourage sites

  • Recommended for an integrated bedbug management






Place around 6 - 12 feet (1.8m -3.6m) from sleeping / resting areas

First Response Bed Bug Monitor

The First Response Bed Bug Monitor is designed to help you detect bed bug infestations at home or while traveling. Just set a trap up before you go to bed, check the trap in the morning. Bed bugs will be attracted to the heat and the lure, and get caught in the sticky pad. 

  • Contains 2 traps

  • Effective for 24 hours

  • Easy assembly, great for traveling

Bedbug Alert

The combination of BB ALERT® Active and BB ALERT® Passive units provides the most all-round bed bug monitoring and detection. Hungry bed bugs looking for a blood meal will be attracted to the BB ALERT® Active while inactive bed bugs will be attracted to the BB ALERT® Passive.

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