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Rodents Control

Do it now or never

How to get rid of rodents thoroughly



Rodents pose serious health risks and can damage the structure of your home. At Ladybird, we understand their habits and lifecycles, and can help you eliminate them from your home and business.


Some signs of rodent activities would include

  • Droppings New rodent droppings are shiny and pliable and within 2-3 days become dull and hard.

  • Burrows Rat burrows are normally found next to drains and buildings.

  • Sounds Rats and Mice are normally heard at night and they include squeaking in the case of mice and clawing and gnawing in the case of rats.

  • Nest A rodent nest is usually made of rags and paper and cardboard.

  • Gnawing Rats gnaw to keep their incisors down and they use wood, metal, conduit and cables in order to do this. When rats gnaw cables for instance this can expose bare wires and cause short circuits or fires.


Depending on the rodent problem you are facing, we will customise a rodent control program that include a combination of baiting, trapping and proofing. However, any rodent program will only be effective when it is implemented together with good housekeeping and sanitation compliance procedures.


Call us and we will explain the necessary steps to be taken by you and what our courses of action will be. We will carry out a survey of the place to determine how you can get rid of this pest. 

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