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Ticks & Fleas Extermination & Prevention


Although many people know that ticks and fleas are harmful to a pet's health, not everyone knows how to identify these parasites. Identification is important as different parasites will require different removal and treatment methods. Pets should be checked for ticks and fleas after time spent with other dogs or outside, because even if you brush and bathe your animal regularly, it is still possible for him to get ticks or fleas. When you first spot a small insect crawling in your pet's fur, you'll need to check him thoroughly.  If you've seen one bug, chances are that there are more hiding in the fur.


If you have found ticks or fleas on your pet, let the experts at LADYBIRD Pest Management help you solve the problem with safe and effective treatment options so as to ensure that your pet avoids developing a more severe ticks/fleas-related disease down the road.  

Understanding Ticks & Fleas Control

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